ROUX 29: The Road Continues

Without a doubt, everyone loves to get caught by the essence of nostalgia; however, what event could possibly take place to perfectly add up to your most memorable life-stories? Happy memories consist of unique, exciting, unforgettable, and amazing experiences; therefore, take one of the best rides of your life with De La Salle University’s Business Management Society as they continue to drift the night away with their 29th year anniversary celebration, Roux 29, taking place on August 8, 2014 at Bradco Avenue, Aseana City, Paranaque! Let yourself loose as the organization gives you three astounding events in one night—FAIR, DRIVE-IN MOVIE, & PARTY!

Spend your Friday evening by creating new spontaneous adventures with your friends, having a date under the stars with your special someone, or just taking the time off to be with your whole family! Everyone is invited to join the BMS Presents: Roux 29—The Red & White Spectacle! Witness and be in that night where no one else would dare miss! On top of that, you are free to blast away with the hipster in you; wear your hippest outfits as you surrender yourself in a night of pure awesomeness—FAIR, DRIVE-IN MOVIE, & PARTY!

Let me just share, what I think, is my hippest outfit! It’s an almost all-black ensemble. A faux leather sleeve sweater matched with a full fatigue pants and topped with a black brim hat. (I just think this is my hippest outfit) lol!

What I’m wearing:

Black Brim Hat from SM Accessories at SM Mall of Asia Department Store

Leather sleeves sweater from Topman

Fatigue Pants from Carbon

Photo credits to Karlo Torio. Visit his blog at

SO AM I GONNA SEE YOU ON FRIDAY? YEAH! Let’s have an awesome weekender event! I’ll see you guys there! :D

All thanks to ROUX 29: The Road Continue’s Assistant Team Head and PR person, Queenie Lim! You can contact her at More power to you and to the whole BMS of DLSU! Kudos!

Something new.

I once thought that I can’t wear some outfits away from my original style which is street. But then, just recently, I thought of trying it. And this happened. And I fell in deep love with this kinds of outfit.

First, I never wear plain white under shirts, aside from it being my undergarment for my school uniform (yes I have, until now). I decided to try my first layer to not be black.

Next, I am not a fan of aztec prints, really, until I got this really cool jacket from CHASE! So then I tried to pull it off. And I think, with all the elements happening in the jacket, I did.

Lastly, that hat. Never in my life did I think of wearing something big on my head, until SM Accessories made me realize it fits me well. Or was I just thinking that? lol.

So basically, this look is a Hype Beast/ High Priest inspired look. I am in to this kind of looks right now cos 1. It’s that layered kind of time again. 2. It demands personality to effectively wear it and 3. I love everything going on, from the sinister-vibe to the high-end and high-fashion aura it gives!

What Im wearing:

Floppy Hat from SM Accessories

White Shirt from Uniqlo

Faded Gold Rosary Necklace from Folded and Hung

Black Joggers from Oxygen

Flash Runner from World Balance

Bomber Jacket from CHASE Fashion Inc. 

Visit them at 

Follow them at IG @chasefashioninc

Photo credits to the awesome, Karlo Torio! Visit his site here.


What makes you TOPNOTCH in your filed of expertise? 

For me, being a Topnotch Host, Blogger, and Student is being able to balance time effectively and efficiently and serving as an inspiration to my generation and the next. 

Many of the people I know say I’m a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy (weh). I can do a lot of things, name it. But then, I realized being TOPNOTCH is not being great at something and/or being an expert in your field. But, being able to take criticisms positively and making it my strength for the next challenges in my life.

I know it sounds kinda hard to do it, cos technically, criticisms can bring you down and all. I suggest, embrace your flaws first, embrace the authentic you, embrace who you are as a person. And from there, people can say everything they wanna say, but as long as you accepted your weaknesses, no one can use it against you. God bless! :)

For the meantime, here is my post about a trip to Escolta Street, in Binondo, Manila. Photos were taken by my awesome friend, Karlo Torio. Visit him, his works, and his blog here.


P.S. It’s the first time I wore a white shirt for any blog/outfit post. lol



What I’m wearing:

NYC Snapback from H&M

White Shirt from Uniqlo

Authentic US Army Jacket from my friend Thoi Ramos (@photothoi

Suede Moccasins from Bottega Veneta

Maroon Chinos from Dickies (Thanks Dickies and Miss Keith!)



And before I forget, that awesome thing that I am holding right there, THAT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THING RIGHT NOW! They call it, the Flip Folder. 

You see, this is one great innovation from the conventional type to a modernized kind of folder.


It’s so convenient I bring it with me when I go to run errands and attend to meetings. And did I say I use it in school too? Oh definitely! 


This folder right here, this suits me well. A fashionable, convenient, and not to mention cheap! I mean you would add spice in your outfit when you go to let’s say business meetings, product endorsements, or for students like me, school! :D


1. It comes with colors so awesome and cute it’s like the rainbow!! They have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, and Black! :D

2. It is reversible! It has this big envelope inside you can place inside important docs

3. It has a side pocket if you need more space for papers and or notes and a strap for your pen! 

4.And lastly, it’s indestructible!!!!! for me though. haha!





So if you have inquiries and if you want to partner with them, you can visit their site at and their FB page at You can also follow them on twitter and instagram: @getFILED


We are the kings.

As a menswear blogger, street style is my center. And it has been like that since I started dressing up to express and never to impress. Now this, as the Street Demigod, is a brand I will support. 

Kings of the Urban Street Apparel or KUSA as they call themselves, is a new brand of menswear that will surely catch your attention for they offer (on their first collection) a wide range of simple but elegant and legitimate street wear for the Urban dude.

KUSA has this shirts that fit really well a minimalist print that made me love it really more. The shirts are really comfy and I believe you can pair it up with chinos, denim, leather, or in my case, camo pants. 

And if you’re the kind of dude who wears caps/snapbacks cos you might be having a bad hair day or maybe just an avid fan of those, you can wear it too! It’ll add up to the swaggy aura of your get up!

Well, it’s fine too if you don’t wear caps! lol.

What I wore:

NYC Black Snapback from H&M

King Shirt from KUSA 

Camoflauge Pants from Carbon

Flash Runner from World Balance

If you need fashion suggestions or get up pegs so you can be a legit urban dude and be a stunner on the street, check these out!

That black Made. shirt paired with a nice faded gray denim pants topped with a gray snapback is just perfect! Add a studded black belt plus a high cut black kicks and a nice watch will definitely complete the look. A monochrome ensemble, need I say more.

How about a Gray Perfection Shirt from KUSA plus a black pants? YES! This is that normal but has a lot of swag outfit of the Urban dude. Match it with half-cabs, a sports watch and a black cap. This is just great!


But wait there’s more!


More good news! You can avail of free shipping by doing either one of the following: 

1. Share our page on your Facebook wall here:
2. Tweet us on Twitter: @kusamanila 
3. Repost this photo on Instagram and tag us at @kusamanila and hashtag #kusaph

Then send a screenshot of your post and send to our Facebook page along with your complete name and email!

If you think that’s all they got, think again! Something is stirring and it’s awesome! Watch out!

Coming Soon.

The spirit of a lone wolf.

The lone wolf is strong beyond measure, he is the embodiment of the wild spirit surviving on his own.



Clearly, at this point of time, I’m having a great deal of fascination to Animal prints. Literally, Animals that are printed on clothes, lol. I just find them really cool and I believe that every animal, like colors, has its own symbolism. It’s a twist in fashion and self-expression, though. And  basically it adds to the totality of the style as well.








The lone wolf is the supreme hunter. The shape-shifter and the path-finder. It teaches us how to find resources, to be resourceful and how to use our resources wisely.

To keep moving forward.

To keep evolving.

It teaches us how to assess each situation and adapt to it as we needed.

Always ready.

Always prepared.


So talking about what I wore:

This awesome kicks from World Balance is really legit! I suggest you go buy yourself a new pair cos it can be a match to any outfit you’ll have this holiday season! 


The black cardigan-blazer I’m wearing is from Folded and Hung, and its like a cardigan, but it’s a blazer. I do not know how to call it… BUT I’M LOVING IT cos it gives out a polished look but then a street dapper kind of vibe to it as well. 


That Sky Blue Walking Shorts is from the Bodega Sale of Collezione recently. They’re really a blessing cos they donated the proceeds of their sale to the victims of Yolanda! How great and noble, isn’t it?


The spirit of the lone wolf in the totem asks for introspection - to face your deepest fears…

The fears that holds you back.

The fears that destroys you from within.

The fears that controls you.

The fears that limits you from being who you are supposed to be.

The spirit of the lone wolf teaches you to face all of them.

To set yourself free.